It is believed that the quality of code written using TDD is higher than code written using the standard approach: code first, then test the code.

Help us verify this hypothesis! All you need to do is to download the source code of Tetris game written in Java and finish it using TDD or Test-After technique (the choice is yours). After completing the task send the code by submitting it through the form on the 'survey' section. The task should take you approximately one hour to complete.

When you are done, wait for the results! we will analysize your code and compare it with other submissions. The results will be published on this page.


  • Download the code.
  • Unpack it and import to yours favorite IDE(run mvn eclipse:eclipse to create project for Eclipse platorm with maven)
  • Run tests and check if all are green.
  • Look at tests written to see how application works.
  • Complete the specification requirments written in README file.
  • Pack yours code, and submit it using form below.
  • You don't have to accomplish all tasks to send yours files.




My name is Jakub Nieznalski. If you have any questions please email me: